This is the first concept animation for a possible alternative co I was thinking of.  Either way it was fun to re realize some 2D animation principles via the free to download “Plastic animation Paper” software. although it does not do coloring, It is very good for digital animation, as good as other expensive tools.  It feels very organic.

This has been sitting around for less than a year so I decided to run it through photoshop because my after effects is acting funny.  It came out of a sketch that happened in the last decade so I decided to expound upon some concepts that involved cartoon brains with legs, arms, or limbs thereof…



Hello! Been learning the new features in Lightwave 11. I’m stoked on the new AI features. I set up a group of fish to go for a goal and it worked out well.  Even after they reached the goal they just kept circling and avoiding each other!

I didn’t model the fishy, it came with the program. It comes with 3D sunglasses! I might even do some 3D world Avatar type stuff bwuahahahaha!  By the way, that is my first bwuahahahah. Just really exited.

This is just a preview render.

Been doing some work in Unity lately. I working at building better environments especially for the mecha game prototype I’m developing. Here’s some screen capture of some of the architectural stuff going on right now. Bee back soon!

Hey guys back again for another short update and slideshow. I recently uploaded a finished demo of the mechamorphasis game I’d been working on. You can play it for Free at this link:


Original BDP Mecha Design inspired the gameplay.

You will need to download the UNITY plugin for MAC/PC of course 🙂

download it here

Also created some more abstractions in C#. Take a look at the slideshow below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Working on some house designs for a simulation. I concerned about the overall style and mix of house types as well as the structure of the house. I’ve drawn a few so that I’ll be be able to refine the look of the neighborhood. Anyways, I know there should be more. Got those cramps in ma HAND after 8 or 9 of em!!!



House Muzik!

March 10, 2011

Sorry bout the hiatus on the blog thing. Been doing three things at once. I’ve finished another round of MOCAP videos from the Carnegie Mellon collection. I shall be putting those on YouTube soon.

Also, if you have not been by the wholebitmedia site lately, the whole thing has been totally revamped. Some of the new features include: a new gallery, games(coming soon, an shiny NEW animation button, and also SHIRTS!!! Get on over there and get em while they’re hot!

party on your shirt!!!

Fun stuff in the tradition of the “Bathing Ape” clothing line!  Be ready to SET IT OFF! Wherever you go with this awesome Radioactive Rock TV print.  Be hip, be cool, be in the KNOW!  Or at least LOOK like it…Let us know what size you need at checkout.  Trust me, it’s awesome, make the scene!


The other thing that’s been going on is the work with Unity. Part of the games development part of new improved  the site. Check out these housing concepts as well as the beginning s of some 3D models for cyberspace development.



Ah yes the Finish people! They love me there in Finland, never been but I should consider going AWOL! Done with the second Cybertales and it of course is jacked in to YouTube, Vimeo, ect. Calling it FREEZE. The idea started with a mere drawing that which you see two posts below. I will give you special access via this blog to view the directors cut, which is not different from the regular cut!

Cybertales2-FREEZE from Terence Daniels on Vimeo.

Whew! Wasn’t that exciting!!! Can’t wait for Cybertales 3. Catch sneak peaks at via my sketchbook. Also might post some stills here too. But for now, a little inspiration.