Latest Mecha Test Render

December 16, 2013

Had this render on the backburner for about a year now but the program was throwing an error because of an upgrade to a plugin i used for flocking. as a result there are only 5 mecha where there used to be 20 or more all avoiding the buildings and each other. anyway here’s a low res render of these guys in the city I’m working on. The music is some stuff i did when i was kiddie called “Gradient”.


Hello! Been learning the new features in Lightwave 11. I’m stoked on the new AI features. I set up a group of fish to go for a goal and it worked out well.  Even after they reached the goal they just kept circling and avoiding each other!

I didn’t model the fishy, it came with the program. It comes with 3D sunglasses! I might even do some 3D world Avatar type stuff bwuahahahaha!  By the way, that is my first bwuahahahah. Just really exited.

This is just a preview render.