Latest Mecha Test Render

December 16, 2013

Had this render on the backburner for about a year now but the program was throwing an error because of an upgrade to a plugin i used for flocking. as a result there are only 5 mecha where there used to be 20 or more all avoiding the buildings and each other. anyway here’s a low res render of these guys in the city I’m working on. The music is some stuff i did when i was kiddie called “Gradient”.


Been doing some work in Unity lately. I working at building better environments especially for the mecha game prototype I’m developing. Here’s some screen capture of some of the architectural stuff going on right now. Bee back soon!

Hey guys back again for another short update and slideshow. I recently uploaded a finished demo of the mechamorphasis game I’d been working on. You can play it for Free at this link:


Original BDP Mecha Design inspired the gameplay.

You will need to download the UNITY plugin for MAC/PC of course 🙂

download it here

Also created some more abstractions in C#. Take a look at the slideshow below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Working on some house designs for a simulation. I concerned about the overall style and mix of house types as well as the structure of the house. I’ve drawn a few so that I’ll be be able to refine the look of the neighborhood. Anyways, I know there should be more. Got those cramps in ma HAND after 8 or 9 of em!!!