wholebitmedia worked with YourBrandSuccess.com to rework the site and this video:

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I’ve been using my new sketchbook to visualize a cartoon pilot I wrote called  “Stewpid”.  Also doing some other sketches.   Might color some of these up later, meanwhile if you want to read this pilot let me know.  It is HI-larious!


Just updating this blog with some new sketches in the new sketchbook I got. That’s all!



This is my entry for the dot.tv competition which I created in about 24 hours close to the deadline.  Voting is on Nov3, so be sure and click this link to like the .tv domain append on facebook and vote when you see a notice in your updates.

My Avatar SPACEY is explaining why it should be on dot.tv a new append for content creators around the world. There are five reasons given,  all of which seem to be good directives for a computer to follow.

All video, music, and vocals by:terry




This is from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! I love this show so much, but do they really know where Philadelphia is?

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