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Unity Projects-REMIX!!!

December 13, 2011

Projects in Unity: Finished and Unfinished…

I’ve been focusing on various coding tasks in Unity in order to flesh out the limits of the program. Unity is flexible, not just as an easy one stop for game developing/publishing on the web and all the major gaming platforms. I’m really concerned about working on something unique by adding skills to my portfolio. Feel free to read on but this seems as good a place as any to to hash out what I’ve done and what needs to be finished regarding my projects.

“Wall Climber”-a test which involved a player walking up to and onto walls with/without jumping. Upside down and on the sides of walls, up rainbow/ramp style slopes. Like a bug. A machine logs the state of the player according to the angle of the ground slope.

“Outside Obstacle Pathfinding”– A 3 state machine driver inside an NPC finds the shortest distance around an irregularly shaped object and to a target game object. The memetic was more of a vehicular feel, so when character animations are involved it might be neccessary to consider some special turning or delay motion to avoid the “spin” move.

“Inside Obstacle Pathfinding”-Some serious work was done on this, unfortunately it was early work which was too coordinate based and modular with moves and turns.  Ambitions with the idea of having the NPC be smart enough to go directly to the goal without any mistakes during the search; to be dumbed down from there.  This one screams “i’m useful!” every so often concerning its recursive coordinate based searches.

“Interactive GUI Fields”-multiple interactive GUI fields onscreen with add/subtract radio buttons.  Fun!

“Targetting”-Using the mouse while navigating, the player can mouse over an object and a GUI Icon displays signalling a lock on the object.  If the player presses the mouse button a projectile stream flies toward the coordinate where the object GUI was displayed in 3D space.  Sometimes the GUI displaces, no idea why…

“Irregular Flocking/Following Leader”-Flocks of NPC’s will follow a leader NPC driven by the pathfinder. The stay distance from each other is questionable, as over time there seems to be some close quarters and interpenetration. This could have been a simple oversight concerning the detection of mesh colliders between the boids…

“City Instantiation”-Had/may still have an algorythm which evenly distributes a series of randomly selected city prefabs. Was in the process of building more local variation and may have lost the original algorythm. Might have been smarter to augment scale than to try a 4D solution. However none of this would accomodate for street variation which (can)deviates from simple grid patterns.

“Freeway System”-Began linking interconnectable modules of freeway systems/turns/loops/offramps but the scale repeatedly caused occlusion problems with the observation of results of additional coding. May adjust the scale of the module prefabs as well as the code constants to see if the scale was too small. Links create a four tier system of cross connected freeways which extend out to a random limit and proceed in the opposite “T” direction via a limit prefab. Smaller and larger loops are created, and coding is in process to connect opposite sides but is being hindered by the previous “invisibility” of new instantiations.

“Planar Reprojection”– A square that is rotated in in 3D space with an object “above” it locally can find the landing position at a right angle on that square and find the same coordinate on a different plane of a different size.

“Planetary Approach”-Ship(player) approaches a random(1 of 9) size and textured planets and finds closest planetary sector. Still working on the transfer of the reprojection algorythm to this. Had a little power cable problem that day which resulted in about two week sketchbook spree!

“Sound/Visual Frequency Transforms”-gleaned some code which allows the representation of sound frequency through selected game object transforms. Also working with time code class to create a BPM machine but the FPS skips numbers where a drum should have sounded with time/ BPM translation eq. , causing irregular BPM. Final thought was to allow the user to control the speed organically rather than select accepted BPM speeds from an array of electronica memes.

“Object Foreign Language Word GUI”-Navigate a 3D environment while using the mouse and select letter keys to identify the name of teh object in various languages.  Using a number placed in front of the object in the object list, the program uses a “lookup table” to identify the name of the object across a range of languages.  While the “j” key is pressed with the mouse over the object a GUI with the Japanese name of the object appears onscreen near the object for tatoe e ba.  🙂

“AI Conversation GUI Window”-The window displays a sequence of conversational questions about things such as name, age, origin, and occupation which may be answered in various but limited ways.  It identifies looks for  the important information in the answer line and comments generically, moving on to the next question after a certain amount of time.  This was meant to be paired with the language tables.  It has worked well in the past but needs serious work not just in variation but also with the basic looping stuff.

“Mesh Creation”-Created a psuedo cube(not a cube) from 3D vertices and triangle loops. Looking further into procedural methods for static and time based creation of displaced mesh objects.

That said, a lot could be done(disregarding network/server playability) to improve the play of the existing published game; or to create something going in a different direction. Haven’t fucused on textures very much, and uv mapping always rears its head. Currently dipping a toe into the lukewarm waters of differential calculus and matrix classes for C#. Wheeeeeee!

Check the amazing new features in this 3D software

Been using Lightwave for more than 10 years now but I’ve never been more excited about the features of a release. Have not seen the full list of improvements but my top features are:

Instancing-creation and occlusion of as many highly detailed characters or objects in the scene as possible.

Move-Integration of the move Playstation camra controls with the realtime render updates of the last release.

Z-Brush-Integration of push button functionality to go from Z-Brush to Lightwave with all the detail form the Z-Brush environment.

Flocking-The intelligent character algorythms integration with particles and character instances.

There’s more but you can see those in the video. This is utterly amazing!


Hey guys back again for another short update and slideshow. I recently uploaded a finished demo of the mechamorphasis game I’d been working on. You can play it for Free at this link:


Original BDP Mecha Design inspired the gameplay.

You will need to download the UNITY plugin for MAC/PC of course 🙂

download it here

Also created some more abstractions in C#. Take a look at the slideshow below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yummy C#!—Anyone out there got an tips on classes, lists, or array matrix recipes!

Well it’s about six months into the whole programming in Unity thing and I am loving it, Sure it’s giving me some headaches, but I’m doing some of the things I never thought I’d do so that HELPS! When I first had an idea for a game I always figured I’d be doing the art stuff, but now my hands IS dirty under the nails!

Boom Krakka!

Among some of the programs I’ve written or am writing are scripts for a robot/plane transforming character. Still working on the flight mode as of this moment.

Also got into this big mystery of Pathfinding, which everyone seems to say is so difficult. I agree, it’s buggered, but I’m getting close to a standard rithem’ which I will then augment for different types of characters.


Also want to do a bit of a language program that will help me learn different languages which I picked up dropped, bobbled, and in some cases, pass incomplete…ect. Long ways on this thow.








Mostly I just wanna get the technical stuff out of the way so’s I can move freely. I’ll be updating my frustrations on this subject pretty regular since elsewise, there might be no updates…haha! Later Gator!