Been doing some texturing runs in 3DCoat 4 and love the ease of painting 3D stuff in realtime. You can see the results in the video.

also put up some 3D concept designs for future designs. Otherwise still rebuilding the game and site.



Kool-Aid in the City!

June 12, 2012

Just kidding, no monsters yet! But soon we will be toppling towers eh? Welp, nothing like a little procrastination; roughly translated, that mean test render. So here’s a quick flyby of the city I’m on from street level. So clean and sparkly, no wasted space at all!


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I’ve been doing some concept work on a screen play I wrote some time ago called “Rapeseed”! Wow what a title! Can’t reveal all the details yet but here’s a taste of what I’ve got so far in terms of character designs and an animation concept aswell! Give it a try eheh! ūüôā











Here is the test animation I made with the main character on the run from the Popo in a futuristic world where men are subservient!

Here are some concept sketches of the characters…I’ve colored thus far. ¬†Looks pretty interesting huh! ¬†Keep checking back for more of this kind of stuff. ¬†Still working on the game and some architecture but I’ll post that later.

Check the amazing new features in this 3D software

Been using Lightwave for more than 10 years now but I’ve never been more excited about the features of a release. Have not seen the full list of improvements but my top features are:

Instancing-creation and occlusion of as many highly detailed characters or objects in the scene as possible.

Move-Integration of the move Playstation camra controls with the realtime render updates of the last release.

Z-Brush-Integration of push button functionality to go from Z-Brush to Lightwave with all the detail form the Z-Brush environment.

Flocking-The intelligent character algorythms integration with particles and character instances.

There’s more but you can see those in the video. This is utterly amazing!

This is my entry for the competition which I created in about 24 hours close to the deadline.  Voting is on Nov3, so be sure and click this link to like the .tv domain append on facebook and vote when you see a notice in your updates.

My Avatar SPACEY is explaining why it should be on a new append for content creators around the world. There are five reasons given,  all of which seem to be good directives for a computer to follow.

All video, music, and vocals by:terry




Saw Drive last night. There is really something to this film. I’m not going to say it was good or bad but only speak in terms of its effect. It’s really a lot different from what’s been offered say, in the last 20 years or more. It hails back to some Film Noir, but didn’t handle it’s violence as well. Granted those cheesy, I’m shot in the chest and slowly crumbling to the ground(fade in dramatic music) days are only for B/W.

Apparently it one best direction at Cannes which explains why we’re seeing it and also the onslaught of good reviews it’s receiving from proffessional critics. If you like movies it’s kind of a beacon(bacon) saying “make movies like this!” It’s more cerebral, non-commercial, and heads back in the direction of film for art’s sake. I don’t think there will be a sequel, at least it won’t be called Drive 2. It’ll be some other film with it’s head out of it’s ass.

It’s a cold dark thriller in the heart of the city type thing. Although there are no cyber plotlines that could easily be the case as with most noir. I noticed that they did not speak a whole lot which is somekind of art thing I guess. Thing is, it works better, or would if it was animated. What’s sad is, as a kid, I used to think anime was pretty shallow and straightfoward; but now I see artists and directors doing the same thing in live action as you would see in those cartoons and getting critical acclaim for it.

Notwithstanding either of the Iron Man or Wolverine camps. Not to be mean, but I just noticed them ripping dialogue from when I used to set up my toys in my youth and war them against each other.

Here are a few more of the motion capture files that I’ve been trying to commit to video. These have two people interacting and doing something together. Whoa! Watch till your eyes bleed! Still coding and working on concepts. Nothing I can show yet but hopefully soon. Have a good one and be sure and subscribe with the top right BUTTON! Thanks.

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