This is the first concept animation for a possible alternative co I was thinking of.  Either way it was fun to re realize some 2D animation principles via the free to download “Plastic animation Paper” software. although it does not do coloring, It is very good for digital animation, as good as other expensive tools.  It feels very organic.

This has been sitting around for less than a year so I decided to run it through photoshop because my after effects is acting funny.  It came out of a sketch that happened in the last decade so I decided to expound upon some concepts that involved cartoon brains with legs, arms, or limbs thereof…



I’ve been using my new sketchbook to visualize a cartoon pilot I wrote called  “Stewpid”.  Also doing some other sketches.   Might color some of these up later, meanwhile if you want to read this pilot let me know.  It is HI-larious!


Just updating this blog with some new sketches in the new sketchbook I got. That’s all!



The Norman Normal short was released by Warner Brothers some decades ago and seems concerned with the ability of adults to act responsibly in social situations. Many of the undertones take jabs at racial equality and other political issues.

I’ve reworked one of the illustrations of the party Norm goes to in this short to reflect a more modern feel. In fact I added several African American guests to the party rather than resorting to clever indirect lighting. Hehe!

















Aahhh!  So boring, where’s real the party!

I’ve been doing some concept work on a screen play I wrote some time ago called “Rapeseed”! Wow what a title! Can’t reveal all the details yet but here’s a taste of what I’ve got so far in terms of character designs and an animation concept aswell! Give it a try eheh! 🙂











Here is the test animation I made with the main character on the run from the Popo in a futuristic world where men are subservient!

Here are some concept sketches of the characters…I’ve colored thus far.  Looks pretty interesting huh!  Keep checking back for more of this kind of stuff.  Still working on the game and some architecture but I’ll post that later.

I’ve been a bit busy over Christmas recouping my animation skills with a few projects. These short animations were created using illustrated concepts from the past that seemed to have been collecting dust. For your pleasure I’ve including the illstrations alongside the finished animations. The digital process is cumbersome but it’s definitely a time saver. Thanks and leave comments below….





















Y’all come back naw!  Y’hea!

Happy New Year.

Got a really interesting vision from a movie that I was watching at around 4am the other night. I decided to do this illustration based on a sketch that I did but wished it had come out a little more gothic. Never been a real goth enthusiast or emo for that matter but it would be cool to explore that genre…please subscribe!

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