This is the first concept animation for a possible alternative co I was thinking of.  Either way it was fun to re realize some 2D animation principles via the free to download “Plastic animation Paper” software. although it does not do coloring, It is very good for digital animation, as good as other expensive tools.  It feels very organic.

This has been sitting around for less than a year so I decided to run it through photoshop because my after effects is acting funny.  It came out of a sketch that happened in the last decade so I decided to expound upon some concepts that involved cartoon brains with legs, arms, or limbs thereof…



Been doing some texturing runs in 3DCoat 4 and love the ease of painting 3D stuff in realtime. You can see the results in the video.

also put up some 3D concept designs for future designs. Otherwise still rebuilding the game and site.


Mr. New Ride!

March 24, 2013

ship2 ship3 ship1Getting into some shipbuilding again.Back from a long haitus from modeler.Been doing a lot of animating lately so there should be some more updates soon!

I’ve been using my new sketchbook to visualize a cartoon pilot I wrote called  “Stewpid”.  Also doing some other sketches.   Might color some of these up later, meanwhile if you want to read this pilot let me know.  It is HI-larious!


Just updating this blog with some new sketches in the new sketchbook I got. That’s all!



CG for Free! ?

August 13, 2012

Hey people! Nevermind the title of this post. It’s actually “freeways”, should have been the title. So I’ve been working on various working freeway examples. Different loops and such. They are nicer than before and you can see some textures are starting to form! Otherwise I’m SUPEE exited about the new Lightwave update. I watched them streaming from Siggraph last week. Really blew my mind!

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All I wanna do is a ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM and a BOOM BOOM!

Going over the LW tapes/course designed by Dan Ablan as well as trying out moe feauters from the news program. I puttiing these up on the blog for once as opposed the Concept Art Webside skechbook. Uts quite busty over there but this seems a better avenue. Enjoy!  More actual work nextime.