Conferences:Comicon Fan Days, 3DCamp, TEDx, and Startup Houston…

October 24, 2012

Been busy the last few months with conferences and networking.

Just coming off a trip to Dallas Comicon which really shouldn’t qualify as a networking event, but I met animator/director Ralph Bakshi there and saw quite a bit of artists and cosplayers there as well.

















Also attended the 3DCamp Houston which was great. I met a lot of people in all areas of 3D work and was introduced to some 3D printing goodies.









There was the always informative TEDx held in Sugarland(another one will be in Houston in Nov.) the same day we received the news about Neil Armstrong. Nevertheless, we were treated to some great performances, lectures, and FOOD!


Startup Houston was the first of my tour of local conferences and I’d have to say it was just OK. The location was kind of cramped and it seemed as if some more organization might be needed in the local chapter. Once again though, they were on point with the catering! I hope to attend one or all of these affairs again next fall. What an ad-vent-ure!



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