New Toons with Mature Flavor Including Mobius!

November 8, 2011

With things the way they are recently its a wonder anything beyond the most basic Flashwork gets done. But recently a company named after its creator Pascal Blaise based in France has put together an animated trailer for a Mobius work called Incal. Granted, it’s hypothetical but nevertheless well animated!

Orishas-A new yet unique anime effort animated by a studio out of Havana Cuba(of all places!) seems to a have a firm grip on the Koike style. Koike directed the runner sequence in the Animatrix films. Not sue what this one is about but looks sleek but very violent.

MARS- Is a bit more domestic made in the states it uses filters on shot footage to create an animated effect. It premiers this Saturday in Austin, TX.  Very much a Richard Linklater influence.

[vimeo ]

I thinks its good to see this type of work happening with all that seems to be happening with the economy. It’d be good to see animation make a comeback! Maybe that’s what’s happening….


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