September 12, 2011

After computers, smoking has been the second most potent factor in losing track of friends. I find it to be pretty annoying to always be the only one not smoking and choking on second hand puffs. I must admit that my biggest problem with smoking was the tastelessness of the smoke as well as the buzz which feels more like fainting or losing conciousness.

In coming months I will be posting reviews of various incense brands which may be purchased fairly commonly(and cheaply) online or in the real world. With most incense brands I find you get what you pay for but sometimes the labels can be misleading. Nevertheless burning incense is a safe and fairly non-addictive alternative to a lot of other past times which may go in named.

Wherever possible I will upload music or post a youtube video which captures what I think is the esscence of the brand. Overall incense is supposed to aleviate stress and get the bearer reconnected with nature so to speak; so the music will be ambient or some other mellow-ness that is descriptive of the experience one can appreaciate. šŸ™‚


I found this to be one of the more ambient brands of incense but more potent than the Kush brand which I will review soon! It’s effect is consistent as most of the more mellow brands are. Consistency meaning one experience being the same as the next without there being some sort of “induction” phase. There probably is more than one flavor of this, however, I found this particular “Melon” brand at the Shell Gas station one day before an intense media hyped prohibition which struck several stores in my area.

Generally it allows for clear if not smooth thinking and observation and peacful feeling with nature(electronic and organic). Not absolutely sure this one can still be found but if you do see it, it seems the manufacturer did a pretty good job of packaging and effectively sythesizing the brand. Most of the time the ingredients can be found on the back, but always take note of any laws or warnings pertaining to the particular situation. Thanks again!



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