3 Primetime Animated Adult TV Series Reviews:Thundercats, Iron Man, Wolverine Anime Remakes!

August 22, 2011

We’ve been waiting a while for these three new versions  classic cartoons to hit the small screens here in the US. Based on the the teasers released a year ahead of the actual show air date; we could expect some really high quality animation. Nevertheless, previews can be deceptive, showing only a few seconds of animation that is mostly intro footage. That is pretty much old school thing to do attracting eyes and butts to couches. Also the release of anime remakes of American characters straight to a TV series is fairly new and/or rare.


Thundercats: 7:30 Fridays Cartoon Network

First of all the time slot to watch this could not be better. In fact it’s hard to miss on a Friday if you are channel surfing stateside. The animation is immediately arresting and stands out amongst other shows you might have overlooked. The characters are well drawn, very detailed, and flawlessly animated when needs be. I think you can never replace the love for the original series, but be damned if this show isn’t ten times better in all aspects. I had a bit of a problem when it seemed the show might be biased as Panthro seemed to have been killed off in the story, but four weeks in he returns to help them look for Thundrillium the source of energy on Thundera(duh!) It’s geared towards kids but unlike the original show where Lion-o slashes around in the air while enemies flee, creatures(characters) actually get offed! The only thing that bugs me is that the CG stands out so much from the other animation. Basically I would watch this show for no good reason at all.

Iron Man 10:00 Sundays G4 Network

Nothing better than cyborg robots duking it out in an animated format and this version of Iron Man seems to have done the best job to date on rendering/drawing those scenes with the greatest impact! Other versions have suffered from strobing animation movement to floaty zero gravity CG-ness. This one strives to blend the regular animation with the CG and does so very well. Nevertheless, there are times when the movement is to smoothly rotated which makes the CG stand out a bit.

You really have to be a fan of Iron Man comics to overlook the story which casts Tony Stark(Iron Man) as the remorseful yet cocky arms dealer out to change his ways by…what?! Selling more weapons!? Huh? Oh well. Methinks the other Iron Man animated series have handled that plot point with a little more finesse by casting Tony Stark’s son as the hero and/or avoiding the original back story. The pace of the show itself seems to move very fast. This show is pretty good but you might feel like you’re watching a different show at times until Iron Man re-appears to save the day!

Wolverine 10:30 Sundays also on G4 right after Iron Man

In terms of animation and character design on this show the Wolverine frachise pretty much gets owned by MadHouse; the studio on this project as well as Iron Man. It’s comforting to see Stan Lee and Joe Quesada in the credits but it really looks entirely different from anything I’ve seen in association with Marvel. As a side note a lot of Marvel guys have anime influence in their drawings but the story takes place overseas literally and figuratively. There are a lot of Samurai fights and slashes which take up an incredible amounts of time from the story minutes. In the fourth episode as with Thundercats, a new character appears in the form of Omega Red, an experimental Russian cyborg who suffers from some sort of computer virus. It started to feel more like a Marvel adaptation but there still seemed to be problems with the show’s pace as this episode ended EXACTLY where the last show did. Perhaps that’s why Wolverine comes to the aid of Tony Stark in Iron Man’s fourth show out of the blue. Maybe they will increase the pace somehow by blending the two shows in Wolverine as well.

 Sticky Ending

As of this writing I do not know the answer to the question and I have not yet seen all of the episodes of Wolverine or Iron Man. It comes on Sunday so it looks good on the DVR, I mean as a break from watching Two and Half Men, or whatever so-called “reality” show happens to be big at the moment. It gives me a moment to step back and imagine the possibilities. “Oh..Wau…just imagine if there were more primetime animated shows for adults…and kids. 🙂 Goodness me!

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