Learning from Artificial Intelligence-“oh!? you think i’m b***h! huh!”

April 16, 2011

I’ve begun installing some of the scripting for the intelligence of the non-player-characters in my game/simulation and it’s really a blast! Literally!

They do some pretty unexpected things when you get beyond what the code says they will do. At that point with my experience, the only way to improve their performance is to actually interact with them over extended periods in the environment. That goes beyond the typical programmer’s paradigm of “oh, that didn’t work” and “i’ll try something else”.

During testing I performed different experiments to test the reactions against my own movements. From the player’s perspective and visor view they would seem to display surprising, if not alien ability compared to the player. That can change depending on only the change of a few numeric constants.

Nonetheless, when a camera was attached to the object to follow, it almost seemed “doglike” in it’s reactions to the user. At this point the object can “sit”, “stand”, “beg”, “rollover”, even “pant”. Now I have to teach it to “fetch”…not the newspaper! Anyways, should be fun in the end.

Thanks for reading on. Be back with more work later!


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