3D Paint Programming-I would ride it into Galilee!

April 9, 2011

Heys, back already um. Basically I got up this morning prepared to fix the jump on this mecha thing I been doing but ended up flying around wasting time instead. So still I’m double bouncing almost everytime I jump. It’s real confusing, something to do with jumptime configging with jetpack start time.(i think?)

Seeing that I had wasted a lot of time “testing” the flying in the game I decided to take a more studious approach and look over some of the programming documentation. Suddenly there was a thunder crash nad with the government shutdown looming just hours away I new it had to be somethin! So anyways I ended up writing a 3D Paint program a spent the rest of the day watching it move around with the mouse on the screen…some results…Enjoy!

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