Hack-a-licous! Artificial Intelligent Algorythms Oh My!

April 6, 2011

Yummy C#!—Anyone out there got an tips on classes, lists, or array matrix recipes!

Well it’s about six months into the whole programming in Unity thing and I am loving it, Sure it’s giving me some headaches, but I’m doing some of the things I never thought I’d do so that HELPS! When I first had an idea for a game I always figured I’d be doing the art stuff, but now my hands IS dirty under the nails!

Boom Krakka!

Among some of the programs I’ve written or am writing are scripts for a robot/plane transforming character. Still working on the flight mode as of this moment.

Also got into this big mystery of Pathfinding, which everyone seems to say is so difficult. I agree, it’s buggered, but I’m getting close to a standard rithem’ which I will then augment for different types of characters.


Also want to do a bit of a language program that will help me learn different languages which I picked up dropped, bobbled, and in some cases, pass incomplete…ect. Long ways on this thow.








Mostly I just wanna get the technical stuff out of the way so’s I can move freely. I’ll be updating my frustrations on this subject pretty regular since elsewise, there might be no updates…haha! Later Gator!


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