House Muzik!

March 10, 2011

Sorry bout the hiatus on the blog thing. Been doing three things at once. I’ve finished another round of MOCAP videos from the Carnegie Mellon collection. I shall be putting those on YouTube soon.

Also, if you have not been by the wholebitmedia site lately, the whole thing has been totally revamped. Some of the new features include: a new gallery, games(coming soon, an shiny NEW animation button, and also SHIRTS!!! Get on over there and get em while they’re hot!

party on your shirt!!!

Fun stuff in the tradition of the “Bathing Ape” clothing line!  Be ready to SET IT OFF! Wherever you go with this awesome Radioactive Rock TV print.  Be hip, be cool, be in the KNOW!  Or at least LOOK like it…Let us know what size you need at checkout.  Trust me, it’s awesome, make the scene!


The other thing that’s been going on is the work with Unity. Part of the games development part of new improved  the site. Check out these housing concepts as well as the beginning s of some 3D models for cyberspace development.




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