Robots and Motion Capture Video Links…

January 28, 2011

Here I am again with the links to the preview videos of the first of about 10 or 11 free capture download folders from the Carnegie Mellon motion capture laboratories.

(had to fix the legs cause’ they were moving thru the feet!)

I only wish I had a place where people jumped around and dribbled invisible basketballs that I called a laboratory. I guess then I would graduate to mad scientist status! Haha! Nonetheless, here are those YouTube links. You can see how I used these works on a 3D character in the vid’ above.



“3-Walk on Uneven Terrain”

“5-Black Swan Dances”-there’s no “4”




“9-Running/Walk Backwards”

Go ahead and subscribe to the blog(or the channel) as I will be posting more reference in the weeks to come!


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