How To Make a UFO 101!

July 22, 2010

The Dream

Back in high school my senior year I didn’t know if animation was going to be a real option in terms of a career and when career day came I decided to explore a few other options. I knew I liked designing things and one of the coolest things back then to little boys were airplanes.

I used to collect model airplane kits, build and detail them among other things. Nevertheless, I had a brief encounter with the fellows at the USAF booth and that was that. They said it would be no problem for me to get in a program that would let me design planes!


Perhaps they were selling me just a bit, but even if I did end up to be the one in one thousand persons to design a plane I new I could not fly one because of my vision anyway. So the other night I was watching the episode of “Great Planes” where they discuss the traits of the SR-71 “Blackbird” the precursor of the more modern Stealth Bomber, also a black colored plane.

SR-17 Blackbird being fitted with titanium core in late 50's black project

Black Project History

Before the “Blackbird” was manufactured in the late 50s, to mid 60s, planes could not fly faster than 1000 mph. When you think about driving 100mph that seems pretty fast on land anyway! I digress, the Blackbird can exceed 2200 mph at Mach 3.2. It’s skin and canopy shield reach temperatures of about 450 degrees C during flight. It was created as a replacement for the U2 spy plane which was high maintenance and prone to crash. The SR-71 Blackbird’s black finish is done to reduce the temperatures by about 40 degrees C as in other modern planes of it’s size and speed.

Blackbird replaces U2 spyplane!

Anyway, what I found most interesting about the design of this plane that was created so many years ago is that is basically a giant wing with huge engines. If it was any more aerodynamic it would be a smooth disc shape! If you could get rid of the engines and reduce drag, hey even better! The second cool thing you will want to tell all your friend is that when this plane flies, it gets so hot it expands. You would think that wouldn’t be a good thing but the engineers had a crazy idea. Why not store fuel in the plane where the expansion takes place so that it uses less fuel when it speeds up. Fuel actually leaks from the expanding plane parts into the engine!

Modern Microcomputing

Light gathering for chemical fusion!

Off the subject of planes; lately there has been a lot of research surfacing concerning the use of light receptive microchips as “switches” for faster computing. These chips would not use binary code, but a new code made up of super positioned atoms. The atomic configurations would serve as the basis for a new type of computing language. Whew, I said it!

kinna looks like the borg ship huh!

Sprung a Leak

So here’s the idea, why not use these light diffracting chips to create a craft with a “smart-skin” similar to the way the Blackbird’s skin expands to allow fuel from different sources in the plane? It could be made of layers of onion skins of circuits which expand with higher temperatures into configurations of circuits which allow for the greatest possible intake of light energy. The energy would be collected into the circuit “circulatory” system of the aircraft for instantaneous expulsion as fusion power. As you know fusion happens when two atoms smash together in energy collisions which give of light. This energy could be emitted from anywhere on the craft at any moment. The onboard computer system itself would control the amount and positioning of the flux and thrust.

fusion core leaks light source

The craft could start or stop on a dime in mid flight, or even use the successive diffraction of the light rays to make itself invisible! The one thing it could not do that you never see UFOs do EVER is a barrel roll! This is because in order to do that you would have to smoothly switch the coordinates of (astrogation)the place that’s gathering light from the top; to the bottom of the craft. Why would you EVER want to do that when you could just stay upright and fly around huh?!

The  Good Stuff!

The technology to do this exists today probably somewhere close to where you’re sitting right now! We used fiber optic cables everyday in our phone and internet service. These cables use special wires that bend light signals down a small tunnel to create what you see or hear at the opposite end. And most companies that create microchips are simply finding ways to fold the circuit boards in upon themselves recursively like a fractal’s structure in order to get more computing power in a smaller area.

The only problem with this idea is the possibility of controlling the heat using current chip technology as well as the sketchy idea of super-positioning the atoms on the surface. Also figuring out how to morph the blocks of microchips as they expand due to heat might be a little problem but hey, that’s what they said about the Blackbird over 50 years ago! They just dove in with their titanium parts and went crazy! Just think how cool it would be to travel to distant planets in the blink of an eye using light diffracted rays inside 3D circuit boards!  Just think what they will have in another 50 years!


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