Uploaded some videos to Facebook last summer just for fun after playing around with the last Lightwave release. Hadn’t done anything with those so this update is a compilation of 7 or 8 videos showing off some of the new goodies.

It’s unrefined and I feel like I might continue the series which only got up to about 6 different sessions. This is basically what was posted onto facebook last summer; including Psychocandy 1-6 comped together. What could be done for 7? Dunno! But here’s what turned up metaphorically. See if you can guess when one ends and the other begins!

Psychocandy 1-Introlude
Psychocandy 2-Gear Muncher
Psychocandy 3-Back Rub
Pschocandy 4–Bug Fix
Pschocandy 5-Slow Emotion
Psychocandy 6-Wake Awake
Ball Bearing…



The music(“Introlude”) is from some stuff I did a long time ago when I was at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Might use this visual technique to nail down something more concrete and meaningful but for now just seeing the results is funny!



wholebitmedia worked with YourBrandSuccess.com to rework the site and this video:

Be sure to click this frame to go to the Indygogo site:

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Test of the Occulus Rift @ Meetup was neat.  I dont think I’ve had a VR experience since the Cave at Saic or less formal event.  Possibly Siggraph.  Definetly at Siggraph.  Really I couldn’t tell the zombies from the people there to rescue me.  I of course fired at both!  Neither one having effectively soothed my urge…

I kind of like VR

This is the first concept animation for a possible alternative co I was thinking of.  Either way it was fun to re realize some 2D animation principles via the free to download “Plastic animation Paper” software. although it does not do coloring, It is very good for digital animation, as good as other expensive tools.  It feels very organic.

This has been sitting around for less than a year so I decided to run it through photoshop because my after effects is acting funny.  It came out of a sketch that happened in the last decade so I decided to expound upon some concepts that involved cartoon brains with legs, arms, or limbs thereof…


Architecture Pics

February 21, 2014

Finally compiling these into a gallery post.  These have been the main structures I’ve used so far in the games and renders you may have seen here or on some other sites.  They featured here in various states of completion and in the “e-frame” post where you can use a usb controller on your pc to fly around them.  Also check out the “quick city render” post for a street level render in full motion.

Cheers. also Cosby, OK a Different World but that’s ALL!  Besides I love me some Bonet…

Been doing some texturing runs in 3DCoat 4 and love the ease of painting 3D stuff in realtime. You can see the results in the video.

also put up some 3D concept designs for future designs. Otherwise still rebuilding the game and site.


Latest Mecha Test Render

December 16, 2013

Had this render on the backburner for about a year now but the program was throwing an error because of an upgrade to a plugin i used for flocking. as a result there are only 5 mecha where there used to be 20 or more all avoiding the buildings and each other. anyway here’s a low res render of these guys in the city I’m working on. The music is some stuff i did when i was kiddie called “Gradient”.

E-frame app.

October 17, 2013

jest thought I should post a link to a game that’s part of another game, thanks for following this blog. You can download version with these links.

you can use a (usb) controller or  the arrow and b keys on a  keyboard